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Drawing Wild Flowers – Documenting Nature


"Children Draw Wildflowers" is a unique project in which educators, business people and youth participate. It aims to foster creativity, to improve self-esteem, to strengthen the connection between man and the environment, and to foster environmental and social leadership.

The project has been successfully implemented in many places: in Israeli society (Jews, Muslims, Christians and Druze) and in the world (Asia, Europe and Africa).

The essence of the program: a series of enrichment and inspiration sessions followed by going out to nature, observing and learning it, and then documenting in drawing and in watercolors the wild flowers.

Most of the work is carried out in the nearby nature, even in urban areas. 

Wildflowers are everywhere, even in the heart of the city.


The workshop is suitable for all ages: from kindergarten to educators, high-tech companies and businessmen.

A great emphasis is placed on working with children and young people, who grow up in front of various screens (computers, television, cellphones, etc.) and read less and less books, "Children Drawing Wild Flowers" is an example that things can be different, while experiencing and creating outdoors, in the fresh air, in nature.

During the workshop, participants are experiencing and discovering a variety of topics that support, contribute and are useful for improving skills: fostering self-learning, improving concentration and expression, acquiring observation and learning skills, and improving self-esteem.

The importance of the project is the process itself and not necessarily its results, but the results and their quality are an important tool for inspiring to continue the process. 

The Drawing is not a goal, but a tool to sharpen observation, to increase attention and concentration abilities, to explore and to document accurately and artistically.

There is no need for previous artistic knowledge or experience.

The length of the workshop varies: between a single meeting and a series of meetings.


A. Exposure and inspiration (indoors)

B. A short demonstration and preparation for the practical part (Indoors)

C. Drawing (Indoors)

D. Drawing (Outdoors)

E. Options: creating exhibitions, books and videos to share the experience with others. 


It is possible to combine writing workshops, photography and video documentation.


Anyone can draw wildflowers and no special talent is needed. All that is needed is goodwill, inspiration and willingness.


The cover of the book: Children Drawing Wildflowers (ages 12-16).

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