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Lesbos Refugee Camps projects

Art for Life – Healing Through Creativity in Areas of Toxic Stress

Working with refugees is one of the strongest experiences I had in my life.
Anyone and everyone can find oneself as a refugee. Just a change in the political situation, a natural disaster, you can never expect life, but once you are a refugee you need to survive, you need hope, you need a hand.

Funny Money

Alternative money created and used in The One Happy Family Center in the Refugee Camp Moriya, in Lesbos.
The Swisscross Drachma is Created to allow refugees to gain back some independence and respect.

Volunteering – An Amazing Exchange of Gifts

When there is a crisis somewhere, very often, people want to go there right away and volunteer.
However, sometimes, when not prepared well, volunteers can unintentionally disturb more than they help.

Soil and Soul – Working with Children in Areas of Toxic Stress

Soil is the basic material that can be used in developing toys. These are handy tools for healing children in areas of toxic stress. What is the role of stress on the developing child’s spirit? Part of a normal and essential part of healthy development for a child is exposure to positive stress, which is moderate and short-lived and helps children learn how to face challenges.

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