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Birds, Birdwatching, Poaching

Lee and her Birds

In the recent years I had worked on filming and documenting the birds of NYC, especially in the Central Park. During my visits there, I had met with Lee many times. Lee has no home. She lives in the streets.

Open the Window - Apri La FInestra - The Starlings dances over Rome

Open the Window: It was one of the most depressing days in my life. I was coming out of the subway at the Rome Termini station when I realized that my wallet, including my passport, credit card and cash, had been stolen.

The Wonder of the Starlings Dances in Rome

I always wondered how the starlings create their beautiful dances, and I was also impressed how they can do it without colliding in such speed and huge flocks. Dr. Andrea Cavagna gives a very interesting, simple and logical explanations.

To Be or Not to Bea Poacher

Poaching is a huge problem throughout the Mediterranean region. Often it is linked with "culture", "tradition" or with "sports". Here is the true life story of Savvas Iezekiel, who like other children in his village in Cyprus, grew up in that environment.

The Magic of the Cranes in Gallocanta

This video clip was created after a magical visit in the Laguna de Gallocanta in Spain. The wild sceneries, the beauty of the graceful cranes and their calls, the enchanted atmosphere… They were so fascinating and amazing! It is an unforgettable experience.

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