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Drawing and Creating in Nature

To See the Flowers

A special project, directed by Ran Levy-Yamamori, in El Razi school in the Bedouin town Rahat, in the Negev desert in Israel.
In the past, the main pastime of the youth was outdoors, while nowadays, many children spend long hours in front of screens of all kinds, in a virtual world, shut in their rooms.

If We Only Try

A little revolution in the teachers' lounge.
Teachers from 3 schools are going through a process of going out, observing wildflowers and seashells, inspired by these encounters to draw and write poems and stories in the field.

A Second Look in Our Treasure Seashore 2016

Working with the children on the Faroe Islands, had been an amazing experience.
These islands, with wild and dramatic sceneries, colorful houses scattered on the green grass and amazing people living in the middle of the ocean.

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