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Film Trailers

When the Ocean Turns Black

When the news about the oil spill off the shores of Peru, I decided to pack my gear and travel to document the effect of the spill on the wildlife.
However, the moment I stepped on Ancon beach and met with the amazing local fishermen, I felt how my mind was changing. I suddenly realized that I was actually creating “When the Ocean Turns Black”.
Yes, I was and I am still focused on the wildlife, but I felt that my eyes and my mind were shifting between the ocean, the wildlife and the people who are all affected by the huge oil spill.
It became a very special journey with Edgar, Gilary, Mayumi and the others, who opened my eyes to understand how fragile the oceans are, how easy it is to pollute and destroy, and how difficult it is to preserve and protect.
What happens to the fishermen and the seashore communities who depend on the ocean for their living?
What about the wildlife and the area?
Oil spills can happen anywhere and anytime, but are we prepared to avoid and to prevent them?
“We all make mistakes, we are humans”, as Diego says in the film, and adds: “But to fix them, we have to work together.”

Ocean Angels

Ocean Angles is a series of various episodes, which aims to inspire more and more people to care for the ocean.
Ocean environmental issues can often make result in a depression feeling for so many reasons: Pollution, over-fishing, micro plastics, oil spills, coastal habitat loss and others.
But, in contrary to that, there are people who dedicate their lives in order to save the ocean and its treasures.
They can be activists, scientists, artists, everyone in their own way do something to help us fall in love again with nature, fall in love with the oceans, and fall in love with whales, as Dr. Roger Payne (hero of “The Chanting Gentle Oceanic Giants;) who dedicates his life to research Humpback whales and never stops to find ways to save them.
And sometimes, it is artists with their unique way to The Magical Violin of Fiona Middleton and others.
Currently there are 5 films, and all together there are planned to be 12 from around the world

Bridging Troubled Waters

Whales and dolphins continue to be hunted in different parts of the world. The most well-known and visible of these hunts are the drive hunts that occur annually in Japan and the Faroe Islands. Ran Levy-Yamamori, an Israeli environmental educator and a film maker, arrived in the Faroe Islands to work with the children of the hunters.

Becoming Forest Trees

Reviving the Japanese Satoyama Nature Through Alternative burials.
Genpou Chisaka is a Japanese Zen Buddhist priest who has a deep love and respect for nature.
He realized that throughout Japan, large areas were abandoned by farmers and the local special Satoyama nature was immediately replace by aggressive invasive exotic species of plants and animals.

From Digital Trash to Social Gold

The Coronavirus crisis caught everyone unprepared. The education system introduced distance learning in lockdown, but 200,000 children in Israel do not own computers.

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