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Wildlife Protection Campaigns

Save the Owls of India

Why should we protect owls? Thousands of owls are killed every year in India for black magic, sorcery and the Diwali Festival. Many do it in a hope to be rich or fortunate. However, the owls have a great ability to hunt rodents and insects.

Goldfinches Campaign - Song and Lyrics

Many people love Goldfinches and other songbirds, and often catch them and put them in captivity.
Many of these goldfinches do not survive and die. They should be in the wild, not trapped and never being kept in cages.

We Are Birdwatchers UK

We are bird watchers! Garden birds are so easy and so fun to watch! We can see them everywhere around us. Filmed and edited by Ran Levy-Yamamori Lyrics: Ran Levy-Yamamori Composing and playing all instruments: Rami Yosifov Singing: Moran Cohen Talmor.

Will Griffon Vultures Survive?

Vultures were once very common throughout the Mediterranean region. However, poisoning by farmers (trying to poson feral dogs, foxes, wolves and crows etc), electrocution and habitat loss caused a sharp decline of their population.

Wake Up Malta

A campaign to stop the slaughter of migrating birds in Malta. Every year Maltese hunters illegally hunt thousands of birds in Malta, as well as in other coutries. Although Malta is an EU member, it kills even the rarest birds, which are fully protected by the EU.

Poachers Poison Birds and Humans

Martin, a brave young Kenyan ornithologist who loves birds and humans, is trying to put an end to a terrible way of hunting occurring in Kenya: Poachers are using poisonous pesticides to hunt wild birds (including rare local and migrating birds) and sell them to locals.

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