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Education for Sustainable Development in Africa

Beyond the Coffee Cup

Coffee is among the favorite drink of many people around the world.
However, in Kenya, many grow coffee plants without even tasting there own coffee.
A real revolution is going on these days in Kenya, turning non profitable, chemical fertilizers and pesticides based plantations into very profitable fully organic crop!

Sebastian’s Dreams

Sebastian grew up in hunger and poverty. Women from his village helped him to go to school, but always hungry, Sebastian decided that when he grows up he will do everything he can so that children won’t be hungry.

The Magic Results of Listening

Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) training has transformed the life of Salome, a school head teacher in an arid area in Kenya. Finding out that girls were not coming to school due to lack of sanitary measures during menstruation, she used a creative way to help the students.

The Green Wall Vertical Farm – Green Walls for life

A Green Wall is a means to efficiently utilize vertical space to grow food and other useful plants.
On March 2nd 2018 the first Green Wall Instructor Course collaborated with Thika’s Joy Town Primary School teachers and students by implementing a unique, cutting-edge method for providing sustainable solutions for.

Emerging from the Dump

Joseph, a head master in the slums of Korogocho, was looking for a solution to various serious problems his student faced on their way to school and back home.
He opened the school to the community, trained the children in martial arts, and the situation improved dramatically.

No More Dropouts from Schools

Following mass riots, Samuel’s school was filled with hundreds of orphan children.
He decided to use his ESD – Education for Sustainable Development skills to solve the problem and to stop dropouts from school.

Patrik Muzungo - An Angel for Children with Special Needs

In the coastal provinces of Kenya there is not much hope for children who are born with various disabilities. Children with hearing impairment, physical disabilities or mental problems seldom get the best education and are often left behind.

Kenya We Have a Chance to Wake Up

The students of Joel Omino Secondary School faced daily hardships, from poor water infrastructure to a loss of connection to their traditions. Head teacher James Otenio wasn't sure how to face these issues, until he took part in the Education for Sustainable Development training course in Israel.

Drops of Life – A Stream of hope

Living in the center of Nairobi’s largest slum, Korogocho, is truly challenging.
Emily Akadima was in need of very basic things: chalks, papers etc.
ESD training (Education for Sustainable Development) provided her with an opportunity to solve food shortage and sanitary issues and to make her school students able to move from dependence mode to independence and pride.

Bubbles of Soap Cards and Hope

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ESD - Education for Sustainable Development - 2nd Primary School Nairobi

Many Africans find themselves often in situation of malnutrition, hunger and unemployed.
The students of this Primary school in Nairobi has used ESC to create a change in the lives of it’s students and their families, training them using ESD methods to take a good care of themselves while gaining their pride as self-sustained young people.

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