We create Effective campaigns for:
AND: iPhone/iPad Apps
Do you wish to increase awareness of nature protection projects or environmental issues?
Using high quality videos, inspirational music and well thought out scripts, "EcoNature Productions" can create affordable and efficient campaigns and apps!
"Wake Up"
A campaign protesting illegal hunting of migrating birds in Malta, the very birds that are fully protected by the other EU members.
In cooperation with WDCS and HSI (Humane Society International)
"Will Vultures Survive"
A campaign to increase the awareness of the problem of the decrease of Griffon vultures in Aragon, Spain. 
The Mermaid and the Dolphins
An animated campaign aimed to increase the awareness of children in areas where dolphins and whales are being slaughtered (in English, Danish, Japanese and German).
In cooperation with WDCS and HSI (Humane Society International)
Promoting nature in urban areas and environmental education:
Apri la Finestra (Open the Window)
The beauty of the vast flocks of starlings dancing in the skies over Rome.
Flamingos in Larnaca
The secrets of urban nature in Larnaca, Cyprus.
Bird watching campaigns for children:
To open the hearts and eyes of children, their families and educators, to encourage them see the birds in backyards and parks.
Involving songs and visions of birds in the cities.
Birds filmed until now in the parks and gardens of:
Europe (from Spain, France, UK, Greece, Cyprus, Malta, Italy and more)
USA in New York City and Washington DC.
Eastern Mediterranean

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