Text and illustrations: Ran Levy-Yamamori

In a result of a serries of poisonings by farmers, who were fighting eachother on pastor land and poisned each other's cows, and also by farmers who tried to poison wolfs, Jackals and  wild dogs, dozens of vultures died, These poisoning wiped out whole nesting colonies.

The Educational project:

Involving the local education system, nature and Park authorities, the ministry of Environment and the Municipalities, all teachers and school directors joind a field trip to watch vultures, the farmers were invited to hear about the vultures and the poisonings and to help in operating a new feeding station for the vultures.

The book "Vultures in Red Skies", telling the real story of one vulture nestling who lost both his parents in the poisoning, was saved and released back to nature.

All the children in the area recieved this book, which was forwarded by the mayor, and joined the activities to promote stopping the poisonings and the vultures became the symbol of the area to promote ecotourism.

About a moths after the book was distributed, a farmer called the rangers and told that sombedy poisoned 40 cows and urged to help and move the cracrsses before the vultures arrive!


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