The Miracle of the Swamp and the Cranes

Text: Ran Levy-Yamamori, illustrations: Josiane Habib-Mor

Until the 1950's, there was a very important wetland in Northern Israel, with rich vegetation and wildlife. I was exetremely important stop over for millions of birds during spring and autumn migrations.

It was drained because of a need for agricultural land and to avoid loss of water (evaporation through a huge surface). It took dozens of years to realize that it was a huge ecological disaster and that there is a need to restore the damaged soils. The underground water level was raised and a small lake was created, attracting huge number of water fowl and other wildlife.

At the same time, Cranes, who until then only crossed the skies of the valley of their migration root discovered the peanut fields and started arriving in huge flocks. However, what is considered as a spectacular scene for birdwatchers, became a hazard to the local farmers.

A creative solution was found by feeding the cranes in one spot and at the same time forcing them to move on out of the fields areas.


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