Text and illustrations: Ran Levy-Yamamori

It is not easy to convince somebody to lift a pieace of litter and to clean his surrounding by his own will, without anybody else to tell him to do so. To Achieve this task it requires an emotional connection to the environment. Without this, "normal" people would never care and wait for others to do this job for them.

"The Garbage Bin" tells the story of a curoius child who wants to know who turns over the garbage bin. He discovers the roll of bats and barnowls who help in keeping the environment "clean" from mosquitos and other insects, as well as cockroaches, mice and rats. He realises their contribution in the biological control of pests and he finally convince his friends to join him and to take responsibility for the environment and together they save young barnowls' chicks from being poisoned.

Was published in Arabic and in Hebrew.

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