The Lost Diary

Text and illustrations: Ran Levy-Yamamori

In the past, there was a traditional hunt of song birds, especially during migration times. Mist nets, traps and limesticks were widly used to catch millions of tired birds which had just landed, exhausted from the long and dangerous route. Unfortunately, Thrushes, Spanish sparrows, warblers and other birds, which are strictly protected throughout the EU, end their migration route cooked, boiled or pickled even these days.

Today, this hunting is declared illegal in most countries, but thouthought the Mediterranean area, especially in Malta and Cyprus, this hunting continues. In Cyprus, an Island with about 600000 citizens, there are about 60000 registred hunters and an large unknown number of others who hunt illegally. It means that one of every 5 men is a registered hunter. The main targets of these hunters are birds (song birds and partriges) and hares.

The educational project:

A book, telling the story of one brave girl who decided to fight illegal hunting in her village in her own way.

It is planned that this book  will be distributed for free throughtout the regions in Cyprus were this hunting occur, to encourage children and their family to realize the sever dammage for the birds populations, for the image of Cyprus as a country which encourage nature and ecotourism and to educate the next generations that illegul hunting must be stopped.


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