Text and Illustrations: Ran Levy-Yamamori
In the last decades the number of Griffon Vultures had reduced from several hundreds to less than 20 individuals!
These vultures play an important roll in the environment and are used as bio-indicators for the environment condition. Unfortunately, although not meaning to harm the vultures, farmers are using Lanade, a deadly poison, against magpies and foxes. As a result the vultures population in Cyprus had decline to critical numbers.
Eantas is based on the real story of a young vulture, which fell from the nest to the sea and saved by Savvas Iezekiel. Eantas grew and when became ready, was released to nature. Five years later, Eantas started to build a nest with Aphrodite, another female vulture which was released by Savvas. A few months later Eantas was found dead from poison.
The book was financed by The Leventhis Foundation.
The Educational project:
The basic idea is to transmit the importance of stopping posinoning through the children and their families (farmers and hunters). 
1. The book of Eantas will be used by the education system in the regions where these problems occur.
2. A series of workshop for educators: teachers, nature guides, school masters, foresters ect will be held in cooperation with the ministry of education.
3. "Eantas" will be distributed for free to all schools and libraries in the regions (for free)

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